ah yes, Homestuck, I’ve read that webcomic. I love the way they just… [clenches fists] [keeps clenching fists] [doesn’t stop clenching fists]


as far as comments on calliborns page goes we’ve got the people who cant believe it


the chick who wont shut up about caliborn being her boyfriend


these people


the fanart


the people calling caliborn their lord


and the people who dont know whats going on



how are people turned off by tattoos they are so fucking hot

Ask me about my OC #2


  1. What is their worst fear?
  2. Does your OC have a temper?
  3. Religious beliefs?
  4. Height?
  5. Weight?
  6. What is something that they really regret?
  7. Something they’re proud of?
  8. What is something they really hate?
  9. Now something they really love?
  10. How does your OC react when they’re…
"ohhhh so you’ve become human!!
that’s really…charming.”

"ohhhh so you’ve become human!!
that’s really…charming.”


am i hot yaois yet


am i hot yaois yet


[makes an oc] my greatest work. i love them so much. they’re literally the best oc i’ve ever ma [makes another oc] my greatest work. i love them so much. they’re literally the best oc i’ve ever ma [makes another oc] my greate

Tell me the pairings that, if genderswapped, would turn from sub to dom in your opinion.
+ jumblie

Colombina would sure as hell top her boyfriend if they got genderswapped, and so would Megan(although she kind of already dominates naturally as a female sometimes but eh)

(I wish I could list more but like all my bottoms have this as an inherent personality trait especially when you consider their partners too)

One of your grey spectrum OCs turn out to wake up ridiculously horny for some reason. What do they do?
+ jumblie

The first reaction would be on the lines of “welp will you look at that” followed by annoyedly praying the boner away
Eventually most of them just give up to the physical call and masturbate in the shower, tho

Which one of your OCs would have sex with their best friend just for casualty?
+ jumblie

Ulrik. With Christel and Megan coming close at second

Which OC is more prone to give head? Do they spit or swallow?
+ jumblie

Eileen, I think?
If she likes you she’ll probably swallow

Any of your OCs have dirty little secrets that they consider too taboo to let people know?
+ jumblie

Probably 90% of what Louis has been done with in bed counts for that-

But real talk, probably the one who has the most to be ashamed of when it comes to experiences and interests so far is Melody. She’s kind of a late bloomer but things are starting to get a bit out of control

Any of your OCs keep sex toys? If yes, which toys do they own?
+ jumblie

(I don’t even think I know enough sex toys to be able to make this accurately omg)
Megan has a bright pink rabbit vibrator and a strap-on, Cody probably has a dildo he got as an embarrassing gift hidden in the depths of his socks drawer, Esther has a Hitachi magic wand, and Desirée has a long-forgotten bullet vibrator she bought in order to endure a previous boyfriend in bed.

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